Malaysian Team Internship

Malaysian Team Internship

The end of November sees the conclusion of a second student group this year from the Faculty of Business and Law at Deakin University. This is the first time this program has been delivered in Penang. Led by Academic Annemeike Craig, 19 students (that included a film crew) work in multidisciplinary teams of four and think up real world solutions to a business problem provided to them by their host Malaysian organisation In Penang. The hosts were Northern Corridor Investment Authority (NCIA), Georgetown Festival and China House Café, Bon Ton Resort. The type of work the students undertook were a combination of business and community development, customer relationship management, market research, marketing and communication audit and strategy.

All components of the program were designed to give students an increased understanding of Malaysia’s local environs and business culture. However, each participant had a further role within their team, ie leader, communications, logistics and secretary, whereby they had further duties to fulfil, all contributing towards their assessment. The students also enjoyed a networking evening with alum, their hosts, and further potential hosts, where they were provided the opportunity to learn more about the local business and social culture.

The inclusion of the film crew from the Deakin School of Communication and Creative Arts was a highlight and a bonus. The three students who are undertaking the Documentary Filmmaking unit accompanied the business students to their workplaces and social activities, interviewing and filming, with a view to producing a short film that can be used by the faculty for marketing purposes, but also as a means of explaining the program to potential hosts.

The group wraps up the program with a final presentation of their projects, and a first cut of the video, before their final night of celebration. If their Facebook page is anything to go by, they have made some lifelong friends in addition to the important learning experience they have completed!

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